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 The Association's Quartermaster is Tony Spray who has the following SVA items in stock available to members.
Blazer Badges
Lapel Badges
Polo Shirts (White)
Cuff Links
Car Windscreen Stickers
SVA Digest
Canal Zone Maps Volume 1
Canal Zone Maps Volume 2
(Basebal Caps and Large size Polo Shirts now sold out.)

blazer badge
Blazer Badge.
lapel badge
Lapel Badge.
windscreen sticker
Car Windscreen Sticker.

SVA Digest.

  The SVA Digest is a 34 page selection of interesting articles taken from past issues of the SVA Newsletter.
The Canal Zone Maps are 18 page booklets of the Canal Zone Army and RAF Camps.  Some are official maps from the RE survey
of 1949, others are sketch maps of individual camps drawn from memory by members.

All prices include post and package.
Cheques should be made payable to 'The Suez Veterans Association'. (Please write the name in full.)

  To check on availability of goods please phone Tony on 01522 788 325 or e-mail him at this address   [email protected]
Send your orders to:
Mr T Spray
SVA Quartermaster
Middle Farm
Nr Bassingham
Lincoln.  LN5 9EG

If you contact the Quartermaster for any reason, please give your membership number and mention you saw the details on this website.

Also available to members, but not from the Quartermaster, is a book-style list of all the current members of the SVA which gives
their membership number, location, branch of service, Regiment, Corps, Unit, Squadron, etc, where they were stationed in the
Canal Zone and the dates they were there.
This is only available from the Membership Secretary and costs £5.00 including UK postage, overseas members should request a quote.
The Association receives a £1 donation for every copy sold.
Cheques or Postal Orders should be made payable to 'Richard Woolley' and should be sent with your order to

Mr R Woolley
Membership Secretary
29 Belle Vue Road
Derbyshire  DE6 1AT

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