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Interesting Books with a Canal Zone  theme.

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Terror at the Towers.

Author:  George C Robertson.  (Pen Name - Montague McGregor
This 315 page book is a Gulf War thriller based around the time the author was a hostage of the Iraqis in 1990.  In hiding for a few weeks, he was later captured and taken to a chemical warfare establishment near Baghdad.  The plot is centred around a fictitious British ex-pat, who is trying to thwart attempts by various factions to blow up the magnificant Kuwait Towers, a symbol of the country's prosperuity.

Publisher: The Electronic Book Company.
Cost:  2.39  (Kindle edition.)
Available on Amazon Kindle Bookstore

White Knees, Brown Knees.
Book cover

Author:  Douglas J Findlay.

Posted to the Suez Canal Zone of Egypt during the 'troubles' of the early 1950s the author found himself combating sandstorms, mosquitos, flies, and bed bugs.   This book is an amusing account of his role in defending the Canal and is guaranteed to raise a smile from anyone who served out there in any branch of the British Armed Forces or Civilian Support Staff.

Publisher:  Discover Press, 103 Henderson Row, Edinburgh. EH3 5BB.
ISBN:  0-905389-01-8
Cost:  15.99.  Hardback.
Available from: www.

Road to Suez.
Book cover

Author:  Michael T Thornhill.
By exploring the interaction of politics, diplomacy straegic planning and guerrilla warfare, the author explains how the Suez Canal Zone, the largest military base in the world, was relinquished.  In doing so he sheds new light on the origins of the disastrous re-invasion of Egypt in the autumn of 1956.  The real folly of 'Suez' is revealed as never before.

Publisher:  Sutton Publishing Ltd, Phoenix Mill, Thrupp, Stroud, Gloucestershire. GL5 2BU.
ISBN: 0-7509-4447-1
Cost:  19.99  Hardback.

On Her Majesty's National Service.

Author:  Paul Lehmans.
Set in the mid-fifties, a fictional account of a National Serviceman, based on the author's own experiences, confronting the rigours of army life with pranks and humour, often hilarious. The hero seeks and finds adventure, and often adventure finds him, especially during the Suez Canal occupation and confrontation with Soviet-equipped terrorists where he served. His experiences in Libya are unusual, tinged with unforgettable pranks and great humour, culminating in a foolhardy journey across the Sahara on a motorcycle and a behind-the-lines adventure during the Suez War, again tinged with pure fiasco. From start to finish an action-packed, full of energy and a humorous read.

Publisher:  Arima Publishing, ASK House, Northgate Avenue, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. IP32 6BB.  
ISBN:  978-1-84549-193-2
Cost:  8.99.  Soft Back.    
For every sale of this book the author makes a donation of 1.00 to the 'Help for Heroes' fund.
Available from:

Sweet  Water Blues.
Book cover

Author:  John Mitchell.

A personal account of a conscript, from joining the R.A.F. in 1953 and taking us through his training, but the book is mainly about his time stationed with 216 Squadron at R.A.F. Fayid.  Humourous and with many photos.

Publisher:  John Mitchell.
This book is now out of print but if you can get hold of a copy it is well worth reading.
It is possible for your local library to obtain a copy.


Middle East Movers
Book cover

Author:  Hugh Mackintosh.

The story of Royal Engineer transportation in the Suez Canal Zone 1947 - 1956.  With many illustrations.

Publisher:  North Kent Books, Rochester, Kent.
ISBN:  0948305-10
Cost:  This book is out of print but you may be lucky and get one from:

Suez - The Double War.
Book cover

Authors: Roy Fullick and Geoffrey  Powell.

This excellent volume has been fully updated and is illustrated with excellent maps and photographs. It provides the reader with a good all-round, yet well detailed summary of the political, diplomatic and military aspects of the ill fated 1956 campaign, (Operation Musketeer) therefore making it an invaluable reference work for military historians and researchers alike. Anyone who served in this campaign will want to read it too, as it will help them understand the broader reasons as to why they were there.
Publisher:  Pen and Sword Books, 47 Church Street, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
, S70 2AS
Cost:  10.99
Available from:  The Publishers.   e-mail:  [email protected]

Crises do Happen - The Royal Navy and Operation Musketeer, Suez 1956.
Book cover

Author:  Geoffrey Carter.

Published to commemorate the Royal Navy's involvement at Suez in 1956. Were you there? Never really understood what was going on?  This fine book with some fantastic photos is definitely one for your bookshelf..

Published by: Maritime Books, Lodge Hill, Liskeard, PL14 4EL.
Price:  Now reduced to:  17.50 including UK postage and packing.  Hardback.
Available from the publishers.
[email protected]

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