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Photographs.  2011
Mainly photos of events organised by Branches and Groups of the Suez Veterans Association.
Plus other photos of events where members of the SVA took part.

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Richard Woolley  - Ron Watt  - Dave Mellors  - Tony Spray  - Cedric Barker

Richard Woolley  - Ron Watt  - Dave Mellors  - Brian Watts  - Tony Spray
Some of the SVA Committee members visiting the Memorial Plot at Alrewas on 6th December 2011.
I know the photos are almost identical but it wouldn't be fair to leave one of them off !!

SVA Members outside Westminster Abbey waiting for the
Duke of Edinburgh.  10th November 2011.

Front Rank of the SVA Contingent waiting to move off from
Horse Guards Parade. 13th November 2011.

Monty Murrell standing in front of the SVA Plot in the
Garden of Remembrance, Westminster Abbey.
10th November 2011

Eddie Mortimer.
SVA Parade Marshal.

John Norman.
SVA Wreath Bearer.
Photos by courtesy of Laurie Graveling - London and S.E. Group SVA.

A photo taken at the Flag Raising Ceremony, (Armed Forces Day Support Flag,) outside Derby City Council Offices - 20th June 2011.
The three people on the left hand side of the front rank, (looking at the photo,) are members of the Derby and District Branch of the SVA
with some more members within the ranks. Two of the Standard Bearers and one person in the official party are SVA members. 

The Mayor of Derby raising the flag.

  The webmaster's flag raised the same afternoon
on a mast at the top of his garden.

On the 25th May members of the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Area met at the 'Black Bull' hotel, (just outside Lincoln,) for lunch and then
proceeded to an
old WW2 airfield which has mostly been converted into show gardens known as 'Dunhelm Lodge'.
There is also a small museum there and a few side shows.

The food was good, the weather was good, and above all, the company was good.
The following three photos were taken on the day and sent for the website by Keith Norton, the Area Rep.


On 11th of April 2011 many Suez Veterans and guests from all parts of the UK gathered at the SVA Memorial Plot at the
National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, to attend the dedication and presentation of a seat donated by the Leicester and Warwickshire
Veterans of Suez to the SVA Memorial Plot.  The presentation was made by the SVA Area Representative, Brian 'Mo' Watts
and was received on behalf of the SVA by Jeff Malone who stood in for the SVA Chairman who was unable to attend.
Twenty Standards were on parade and these were led to the event by ex Pipe Major Donald Jarram.
The dedication service was conducted by the Reverand Malcolm Fife.  A reading was given by Mrs Anne Welton and Tony Tolan
read one of his remembrance poems.
The weather was decent and the shower of rain managed to keep away until a while after the presentation, but even this did not
deter the Vets visiting other areas of the Arboretum or sitting around talking to old friends or making new acquaintances.
The seat makes a very pleasing addition to the Memorial Plot thanks to Brian 'Mo' Watts and the
Leicester and Warwickshire
Veterans of Suez.  Their efforts are to be applauded.

Brian Watts welcoming everyone to the presentation.

The Parade Marshal trying to get the Suez Vets in order.

The 20 Standards approaching the plot.

Standard Bearers in position.

Brian Watts making a presentation to Joe Springthorpe.

Joe Springthorpe with his gift of appreciation.  
( Joe Springthorpe designed and made the seat. )

Joe and Brian resting on the seat after the presentation.

Ron Myers joins Brian to test the seat for comfort.

Tony Spray, Brian Watts, Cedric Barker and Richard Woolley also tested the seat on 22nd May after a meeting at Alrewas.

These two photos of the SVA Memorial Plot at the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas were taken during February 2011

The sand done away with, replaced by new flag stones and the 'Canal' rebuilt.  The palm trees have survived the harsh winter frosts.
( Still some tidying-up to be done by the works department.)
Since these photos were taken, the Pyramid has been repainted and the existing seat has been renovated.

At present there are new ideas being discussed for a complete re-vamp.
The re-vamp, or refurbishment, has now been completed, -
click HERE to visit the webpage giving a report and showing photographs.

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