The Suez Veterans' Association

Tony Tolan.
At Rest 7th July 2017

 6th August 2017

It is with deep regret and sadness I have to reoprt that Tony Tolan, our Overseas Representative, passed away on the 7th July 2017 after a long illness.  Despite this illness he carried out his position as the Association's Overseas Rep without complaint and won the apreciation of many overseas, and other, members.  He was a generous and thoughtful person who often sent material to members which was paid for out of his own pocket and didn't claim all expenses from the Association, he considered it part of his job to look after what he called 'my overseas lads'.  

The information came to me on the 3rd of August in an e-mail from one of his family, unfortunately I knew nothing about his funeral so was unable to attend or to give a report here.

To say ''he will be missed'  is something said about most people who have passed away, but it does ring true for Tony. 

Farewell Tony, Rest in Peace my friend.
Richard Woolley.

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