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Now and Then
Photos of Suez Veterans as they are now and as they were when serving in the Canal Zone.
Send me your photos and details to add to this page.


Ken Chance

ex  R.E.M.E.

2 Base  Workshops
 Tel el Kebir

1951 - 1952

Ken is pictured here with his
daughter and grand-daughters


Brian Watts.
ex  R.A.O.C.  10 BOD Geneifa

1953 - 1955

Brian is the SVA National Secretary
and Area Representative for Area 9.
(Leicestershire and Warwickshire.)

Regrettable Brian has now passed away.

Scotson now

Eric Scotson

Eric served in the Canal Zone 1950 to 1953 with 2 Air Support Signals Unit,
at Fayid.

He lives in the Manchester area, is President of the Tyldesley branch of the Royal British Legion and is
a member of the Brackley Golf Club,
near Bolton.
The 'Now' photos shows him with his trophies.
Eric Scotson

Briggs now

Stan Briggs

Ex 'Gunner' Stan was with 190 Battery, 71st HAA Royal Artillary at Fayid,
1949 to 1951.

Reading his local newspaper, the 'Pontefract and Castleford Express' in his garden now and outside his tent then.

Stan has a website at:
Briggs then

Tolan now

Tony Tolan

Tony served 12 years in the R.A.F. and when in the Canal Zone, 1951 to 1954, was with 5355 Wing, Airfield Constrution.
He served, (or worked), on the
R.A.F. Stations - Kasfareet, Fayid,
El Hamra, Adyad and Kabrit.

Regrettable Tony has now passed away
He was the
SVA Overseas Representative.

Tolan then

Evans and Brian Johnson now
David Evans and
Brian Johnson

David and Brian were in the R.A.O.C. and served together at Geneifa with
10 BOD. 1953 to 1954.

(I took this information from the SVA members list, if I've got it wrong, or if David or Brian have
more information to add, please let me know.
Evans and Brian Johnson then

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