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The Association's Constitution.

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With effect from 17th September 2016


1.      TITLE

The name of the organisation shall be the ‘Suez Veterans Association’ hereinafter called the S.V.A.

DATA PROTECTION ACT  The S.V.A. is a 'Not-for-Profit' organisation thus being exempt from notification as it meets the specific criteria to be able to claim non-registration at the Information Commissioner's Office.


2.      AIMS.

(a)    To rekindle and promote a spirit of comradeship amongst those who served in the Canal Zone.

(b)   To organise periodic reunion visits overseas.

(c)    To organise periodic reunions within the UK.

(d)   To keep members informed of activities by means of a quarterly newsletter.



(a)    Membership is open to all who served in the Canal Zone up to and including 1956, either in the Armed Forces, the Nursing Services or Civilian Support Staff to the Armed Services.

(b)   Membership includes spouse or partners.

(c)    Associate Members can be accepted into the S.V.A.  They will have no voting rights.

(d)   Associate Members will not have preference over Full Members.  Associate Members will have had military experience though not in the Canal Zone.

(e)    The Membership Secretary, in consultation with the Chairman and such Committee members recognised as a quorum shall have the right to refuse any potential member of the S.V.A. if thought detrimental to the S.V.A.

(f)    The S.V.A. has the right to revoke the membership of any member should his or her actions bring the S.V.A. into disrepute.  The member has the right of appeal in writing to the Chairman.

(g)    Each new member will be supplied with a copy of the Constitution and will be requested to sign the membership form to the effect that they have read, understood and accept the Constitution as a condition of membership of the S.V.A.



The rights of membership are determined by the rules of the S.V.A., which may be amended from time to time by the Committee.



To be recommended by the Committee for a period to be determined by the Committee and periodically reviewed by the Committee.  The recommendation to be endorsed or otherwise by the membership at the AGM.  The Honorary President shall have no voting rights on the Committee.



The Honorary Officers of the S.V.A. shall be:-




Membership Secretary.

UK Reunion Secretary.

Newsletter Editor.

Overseas reunion Organiser.

Website Manager.


Fellowship Secretary.

A maximum of eight (8) Regional Representatives.  These, wherever possible, should be drawn from the above Offices.

The Officers shall be elected annually at the AGM and take office immediately.




7.      COMMITTEE.

The Committee shall comprise of the above elected Officers.  The Committee shall be authorised to co-opt up to a further ten (10) members, as and when required.



(a)    The Committee shall meet no less than twice each year.  The Chairman may call additional meetings at his discretion.

(b)   Each elected member of the Committee, with the exception of the Chairman, shall be entitled to one vote.  In the case of equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

(c)    The Committee shall have executive powers in organising and administrating the affairs of the S.V.A., subject to the finances available.

(d)   The Chairman, in consultation with other elected members, shall have the right to make any emergency decision between Committee meetings.  Any such action shall be reported at the next Committee meeting and formally approved by the members present.

(e)    Each elected member shall present a written report at the AGM.



(a)    A quorum shall consist of five (5) elected members.

(b)   The AGM shall, as far as possible, be held to coincide with the Annual UK Reunion meeting, but in any case take place within six months of the financial year end, - (30th June.)

(c)    An agenda will appear in the June edition of the Newsletter. All Agenda items must be submitted in writing to the Secretary before 15th May.

(d)   An Extraordinary General Meeting may be demanded by a minimum of ten (10) members.  This meeting shall be convened by the Secretary within twenty-one (21) days of receipt of the request and shall only deal with the published agenda.

(e)    A simple majority of all these members present shall be necessary to pass any resolution at a General Meeting.  Proxy voting will not be allowed.

(f)    Any proposition passed at a General Meeting shall be binding on all members.



(a)    Proposals to amend the Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary not later than the 15th May by:-

(1)   The National Committee.


(2)   A member of the S.V.A., seconded by another member.

(b)   No alteration to the Constitution shall be made except by special resolution at a General Meeting, with not less than two-thirds of the votes cast in favour.



The S.V.A. will not discriminate on grounds of sex, disability, religion, social, ethnic or cultural background in any of its activities or relations with outside parties.



(a)    The financial year shall end on the 30th June each year.

(b)   The Treasurer shall present an Income and Expenditure Account together with a Balance Sheet to be circulated with the notice calling the A.G.M.

(c)    Each cheque drawn on the S.V.A. bank account must have the signatures of two authorised Officers of the S.V.A.  The Chairman will be authorised to supply a second signature in the absence of either of the two authorised signatories.

(d)   The Committee shall arrange for the accounts to be prepared annually by a suitably qualified external accountant.  The accountant must not be an existing member of the Suez Veterans Association or a close relative.




(a)    Each Member and Associate Member shall pay an annual subscription, determined by the Committee, which is due on the 1st of April each year.

(b)   The Chairman shall have the power to reduce or waive the subscription depending on an individual applicant’s circumstances.

(c)    Only one subscription shall be demanded of a member and will cover him/her plus spouse or partner.



The S.V.A. shall be non politicaland non-sectarian.



(a)    Any requests for information relating to the affairs of the S.V.A. received from any non-member or outside body must be referred to the Chairman for an official statement to be issued. 

(b)   To safeguard against mis-use, any details of the names and addresses of members will only be disclosed to third parties on the written authority of the member(s) to which this information relates. 

(c)    Members should also note that any such information provided to them by the S.V.A. is supplied for their own personal use and should never be passed on to a non-member.

(d)    This ruling shall also apply to any person who has ceased membership of the S.V.A. in respect of any such information supplied, during his/her period of membership of the S.V.A.



(a)    The S.V.A. shall indemnify the Committee members against contingent liabilities incurred in the execution of their duties to the S.V.A.

(b)   A Committee member shall be indemnified by the S.V.A. against all costs and losses which he/she may incur or sustain in relation to the execution of his/her office, by reason of any duty performed for, or with the authority of the Committee.



(a)    The S.V.A. shall be dissolved by the passing of a resolution to that effect at a General Meeting, after due notice by a minimum of two-thirds of those present and voting.  Such a meeting shall appoint trustees to wind up the affairs of the S.V.A. and dispose of any assets.

(b)   Any funds remaining on the dissolution of the S.V.A., after all assets have been realised and all known liabilities paid, shall be donated in equal sums to the Army Benevolent Fund and the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund and the National Memorial Arboretum for the upkeep of the S.V.A. Memorial Garden.


This revised Constitution was approved by Members at the Annual General Meeting held at the

Novatel Hotel, Long Eaton, Nottingham, on 17th September 2016




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