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A selection of photos taken during the reunion visit to the Suez Canal Zone.  24th April - 10th May 2011.
More photos could be added and others replaced as new ones are received.

  A monument opposite the main gate of Moascar Garrison.

The land donation notice inside Moascar Cemetery.

Three of the Cemetery caretakers / groundsmen.

The Salute at the Wreath Laying Ceremony. Moascar.

Base of the Memorial Cross.
As the ceremony finished, the water sprinklers started.

A view inside Moascar Cemetery.

Some of the group who attended the Wreath Laying Ceremony at Fayid Military Cemetery.
Photo by courtesy of Sonia Wiley.

The Wreath Laying Party at Fayid Cemetery

The Salute at Fayid.

John Innes played 'The Last Post' and 'Reveille' at
the Moascar, Fayid and Tel el Kebir Cemeteries.

By request Jeff played the Hymn 'Abide With Me'
by some of the graves.

Jack Myers sang a Welsh Lament by the
grave of a Welsh lad who lived in his village.

And an 'In Remembrance'  Poppy Cross was put onto
one of the grave stones on behalf of the lad's family.

A quiet corner of Fayid Cemetery.

The central Memorial Cross.

Another view in the well kept Cemetery.

A Memorial to the Commonwealth Forces.

Signing the visitors book.

Leaving Fayid Cemetery. (For the last time?)

Waiting to enter Tel el Kebir (TeK) Cemetery.

The entrance to TeK Cemetery.

The Wreath Laying Party at TeK.

Brian Simpson laid the Wreath at TeK.

Some of the early 1940s graves.

One of the oldest graves in the Cemetery. 1882.

Roy Robinson getting to grips with Egyptian dancing
at the El Morgan Hotel, Fayid.

Patrick Kelly doing the same

Others relaxing on the beach at the El Morgan Hotel.
This is where the 'Old Vic Lido' was, by the
Great Bitter Lake.

Going through the Sinai towards Taba Heights.

With a refreshment stop at the Sinai Restaurant.

The road down to Taba Heights.

View of the mountains from the Sonesta Beach Resort,
Taba Heights, Gulf of Aqaba.

Going round the mountains on the way from Taba to
the Monastery of St Catherine.

And through a valley of palm trees.
This is the area where it is said Moses got lost.
After seeing the surrounding terrain I'm not surprised.

The walk up to St. Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai.

The Monastery.

Camels and Tourists.

A very old part of the Monastery. The shrub in the
bottom RH corner is reputed to be the original
'Burning Bush'. The first chapel was built here in
the year 330.

The Taba Heights / St Catherine's Monastery trip was
organised by Ron Myers, but Jaqui Clayton (above) made sure everything went off well.

It was thought that a stowaway was on the coach,
but it turned out to be John Innes in his new fez.

I came across this boulder near to the Monastery. Note the dates, one 1952 and another is 1953.
 If your name is scribed on it, or if you know anything about it, please get in touch with me and
tell me your story.    (Richard, SVA Webmaster.)

According to this board, the temperature during the
ranged between 30° and 35° C. (86° to 95° F).

No hose-pipe ban at the hotel.
Watering in the grounds is done every day.

The old water chatties are now used to put litter in.

One group relaxing in the hotel grounds.

Someone else trying to get his knees brown, again.

View from the hotel grounds looking over Lake Timsah
towards the canal.

No tankers on the canal now, mainly cruise liners.. transporters..

and other cargo ships.  (Plus many container ships.)
The ships on these three photos are on the canal where it passes Lake Timsah.

Getting off the ferry at Port Fouad,

Entrance to Port Fouad without the crowd.

Looking back across the harbour to the Canal Buildings.

A stop to visit the Port Said Military Museum.

Some waited outside...

...and Albert Rouse had a rest.

  Dressed the part for the Gala Evening.

And joining in the fun.

The girl dancer. Wow, what a dancer!

Patrick Kelly being entertained by the 'horse' and owner.

An unbeleivable look as the Whirling Devish entertainer
does his act.

Admiring the birthday cake
supplied by the hotel.*

* This is where the battery in my camera went flat, I hadn't got a spare and didn't take my battery charger so couldn't take any more photos.
This year I didn't go on the Cairo or Suez trip so have no photos taken on those outings.
I hope to receive some more from other people who went on the visit, if and when I do, some will be added to this page.

The following photos, unless stated otherwise, were taken by, and sent for the website by Sonia Wiley.

Children at the El Shaheed school next to Fayid Cemetery - visited by some of the group to distribute presents.

Street scene in Ismailia.

A school run?

Neighbourhood watch? In Ismailia.

Rail bridge over the Sweet Water Canal, Ismailia.
(This photo taken by Richard Drakeford)

De Lesseps house.

The beach at the El Morgan hotel by the Bitter Lake, Fayid.

Alan Watson, SVA singer
who entertained one evening.

Three members taking it easy.
Albert - Luke - Pauline.

Another pic of the girl dancer who
entertained at the Gala Evening.

Jeff, in the centre, with Ron and Evelyn after his presentation at the
Gala Evening.

Sonia, who took many photos, dressed for
the Gala Evening.
(This photo taken by Richard Drakeford)

Some of the popular staff members at the Hotel Mercure.

A set of two DVD discs containing video and still photos taken during the visit can be obtained from Rod Bolmer.
Price is £2.50 which includes postage.
For more details e-mail Rod at: 
[email protected]   - or phone him on: 01924 827393

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